A third party is usually a company that offers auxiliary products not supplied by the manufacturer to the users. The role of third-party vendors is often the most innovative. And at some point all real estate investor needs them.

The main role of third-party vendors is to cover aesthetic damages in the house.

Definition of aesthetic damages in home insurance:

Through this guarantee of aesthetic damage or aesthetic restoration, the necessary expenses for the aesthetic restoration of damaged property affected by a loss covered by the guarantees of the policy are covered, when it is not possible to carry out the repair of the affected party with materials of identical or similar aesthetic characteristics to the victims, harming the initial harmony of the whole.

In the following section, we are giving several examples of accidents related to this guarantee of aesthetic damages in home insurance. 

Partial water damage in kitchen furniture.

Bursts a kitchen pipe is causing partial damage to the furniture, snorting and blackening the wood, by moisture. On the date of the accident, the same wood for kitchen furniture is no longer manufactured on the market. All the furniture is changed, both the affected party and the unaffected party having contracted the coverage of aesthetic damages in the home insurance to the content.

Door damaged by partial fire in the dining room:

There is a small fire that, among other things, damages the dining room door. For the fire guarantee, the replacement of the affected door is covered. But it turns out that the doors are old, and you cannot get an identical one, so it is replaced by one with similar characteristics. 

The problem is that the aesthetic harmony is broken since the doors of the rest of the rooms are identical to the damaged one. It might be needing a house painting miami service to get at the end your door painted. But in this case, the coverage of aesthetic damages in the home insurance to the continent does not offer coverage to the client since it has the limitation of covering only the affected stay.

Water damage to the parquet floor in the bedroom:

Blow a water pipe located in a bedroom of the house. Through the water damage miami guarantee, the park in the affected area is changed, but the new parquet to be installed is not the same as the one that already existed, as it is very old, so it would not look good aesthetically.

It is requested to apply the coverage of aesthetic damages in the insurance of home to the continent so that the new parquet is installed to the whole room. As the client has home insurance that allows applying aesthetic damages to the whole house, without limiting this coverage to the affected stay.

Water damage in the kitchen:

Bursts a kitchen pipe, causing partial damage to the floor of the kitchen, raising the affected soil and changing it with new soil is covered by the water damage guarantee, but if the same type of soil does not exist in the market, a floor similar to the one we had would have to be installed. 

The result of aesthetically would not be pleasant. Here comes into play the guarantee of aesthetic damage in home insurance to the continent, where all the ground, both affected and unaffected, would be raised, and new soil would be installed up to the stipulated limit, to restore aesthetic harmony.

Partial fire affecting a sofa module in the dining room:

If A sofa is damaged due to a partial damage, fire damage miami For the coverage of fires, we would be compensated for the damage but on the date of the accident, the same model of sofa is no longer manufactured/sold in the market, so we would have another one similar but that could break the aesthetic harmony, that, apart from the damaged sofa we have two more sofas, having a set of three sofas in total, of the same model.

To be able to change all the sofas, both the affected and the unaffected, we must have contracted the coverage of aesthetic damages in the home insurance to the content, which will cover changing the entire set of sofas, up to the stipulated limit.

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